Holy water is drinking water extracted from the pure groundwater wells of Iceland,
bottled and blessed by a priest.

Holy water is aphenonenom that’s been around for a long time and is well known
all around theworld. But what I am doing is putting it in a new perspective. Made
for drinking purposes it is projected in a similar manner as other drinking water
brands. So the idea is taking this ancient holier than life product and putting it
away from it’s church environment and in to the pop culture. In other words:
I’m consumerising holy water.

There are eight kinds of holy water available. the main brands are Holy water and Holy sparkled water. From these kinds you can choose from Courage, Wisdom, Forgiveness and Serenity. these four kinds do not vary in taste but only in function. On the back of each bottle is a passage from the bible.
Logos and slogan.

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