Marel is a global company specialising in food processing solutions. 
I was asked to create a mural for the their offices depicting their values 
and office life during covid. The project also entailed creating an illustration 
style that they can use in further marketing projects.
Marel employes over 7,000 workers in 30 different countries. Interaction between all those employees was reduced during covid, so as a way to boost morale, Marel hosted an online event where everybody could meet up, drink coffee together and talk about their life at Marel. I was asked to use those talking points, stories and even drawings, to 
Marel had never before used illustrations as a part of their marketing material so I needed to create a visual style that can be used in future projects as well. The colours are based on their brand guide with few additional tones. I wanted the style to be a bit technical but yet show the characters in a lively and diverse manner.

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